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At EA Pigments, we offer comprehensive support to architects, project managers, and specifiers by providing them with meticulous information, documentation, and essential resources. Our aim is to facilitate the seamless integration of decorative concrete finishes, overlays, and custom interior floor finishes into your overall design. We believe in making these elements elegant, easily manageable, and a harmonious part of your design vision. No matter what the style of the building or surroundings, there is a design and color combination of our finishes that perfectly fit and enhance the visual appeal of your project. We also offer options for custom color matching and custom formulations for desired colors to ensure you have full creative freedom. This process ensures precise replication of desired colors.

As a piece of mind, consider the following points about our finishes and compare them to the products and finishes you might currently specify:

  • Over 30 standard and unlimited premium colors to choose from; therefore, finishes can be customized to fit any design scheme or other chosen construction materials.
  • Hundreds of patterns and texture combinations, such as slate, tile, cobblestone, random stone, wood decking, and brick, are designed in many variations of shape, surface texture, and color.
  • Unmatched product versatility. Whether your project is interior or exterior, commercial or residential, or above or below grade, we have a system and solution for your needs and requirements. From thin stamped overlays to custom interior flooring, non-slip splatter textures to acid stain and saw cut finishes, our products and systems meet all specifier needs.
  • The secondary applications of highlighting stains are used to create an antique, natural look. Even new installations can be made to resemble older building materials and surfaces with ease.
  • All of our finishes can be made low-maintenance and permanently sealed to resist oil, grease, and dirt.
  • Functional and long-lasting. 100% resistance to UV means colors do not fade, and the slip-resistant surface has been time-tested and used by many state DOTs and larger commercial contractors on hundreds of different applications.
  • Our finishes are extremely durable, freeze/thaw resistant, and designed to perform long-term.
  • Our systems are economical since they provide long-term, durable renovation without the need for costly and continuous repairs normally associated with deteriorated surfaces.

The systems can be installed at any time during new or old renovation processes. This allows the rest of the renovation to proceed without fear of damaging or wearing the new surface.

types of Increte products, descriptions

types of Increte products, descriptions